The Birth of 30 MPH RC Cars 100 Years Ago

Apr 07, 21
The Birth of 30 MPH RC Cars 100 Years Ago

The first concept for high-speed racing was started back in the 1920s and went through many iterations before it came to what we know today as "30 MPH RACER." Electric motor speed was first used on RC toys called Quads and Carts. These were not full-size vehicles like real race cars but smaller versions of them. Electric motors allowed the sport to be longer and faster than gas powered vehicles ever could be. This paved the way for all the amazing high-speed vehicles that are available today.


Electric motors have also allowed enthusiasts the ability to build their own nitro RC cars. These can be very similar to the real thing in appearance and power but with the added high speed limit. These types of cars are very fast and can reach a maximum speed of almost 120mph. To get an idea of how fast these cars are, just check out the top professional race of them. They are often shown on the screens of many sports channels and can reach speeds well over 100mph!


Electric cars are so much faster than nitro vehicles because they do not burn fuel at all. Nitro is a sort of self-contained combustion engine that uses oil for lubrication and cooling. This means that nitro has to continuously run in order to keep itself clean. An electric motor simply uses batteries to continuously run and therefore cut down on clean up. This also means that the high speed limit can be reached much faster with an electric vehicle.


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Since electric motors do not need to burn fuel, this allows them to go much faster than nitro vehicles. However, they do have a tendency to overheat. This makes them unhealthy to drive quickly. For this reason, many high speed RC cars use a coolant to reduce the risk of overheating. This coolant gets sprayed on top of the nitro engine to protect it from freezing.


Electric RC cars are also limited by the high speed limit. Some cars can go up to thirty-five miles per hour. These cars are great for people who like racing on fast tracks. They are also perfect for high-speed hobbyists. It is very difficult to keep up with the fast cars so you will have a great time looking at your speedometer while you are racing.


In many cities, it is illegal to drive many high-speed cars on the roads. In an effort to try and control this problem, many cities have made it illegal to even own any type of high-speed vehicle. However, if you have an electric car, it is perfectly legal. This is great news for many young people who love to race these kinds of cars.


Since electric RC cars go so quickly, they will keep up with many high speed RC cars on the track. The high speed limit keeps the cars from getting stuck in the mud. If you have not been able to use an electric RC car before because of its limitations on the tracks, you may be very interested in trying one. The best thing about them is that they come in such a variety of models that there is something for everyone.


The first thing you need to think about when you are deciding between the different kinds of RC cars is your budget. There are many different models out there and each one has its own price. If you cannot afford one that has a lot of horsepower, then you will not want to spend money on one that does not offer much speed. On the other hand, if you think that they are a waste of your money, then you will want to buy a model with limited capabilities. You can find all of the information you need to make an informed choice on the internet.