Window Bird Feeders - What You Should Know Before Buying

Apr 05, 21
Window Bird Feeders - What You Should Know Before Buying

Window bird feeders with suction cups are a popular choice among many bird watchers. These bird feeders offer a hands free way to watch our feathered friends. They are also convenient because they don't require the use of a platform like other feeders do. With these types of window bird feeders the window is just a prop and the birds are automatically hung from the suction cups.


One of the obvious benefits of this type of window bird feeder is that it does not require the use of a platform. We all know how inconvenient standing on a ladder while retrieving seeds, removing nectar, and removing dead birds from your feeder. Not to mention that you will likely get hurt if you are not careful. It is far safer to hang the window bird feeder from the inside of a window frame. This allows the birds more safety and comfort.


Another benefit is that the birds won't be disturbed as they would be in a stand mounted feeder. The platform is basically there for decoration. It is a nice backdrop, but the birds will quickly become accustomed to it and no longer have any need for it. As mentioned above, safety is a concern with this type of feeder. This is because you are hanging the feeder from the window and you do not want it falling when the birds are in flight.


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With a platform feeder you can be confident that the platform will stay steady. You do not want it to start to move or tilt because this could cause injury to the birds. These types of feeders with suction cups work best in sunny areas. However, even in the shade they still work well.


If you are looking for an ornamental window bird feeder with suction cups, you might want to consider a bird perch. These come in all shapes and sizes and some are made of very expensive materials. They are very durable and the birds will not even know they are there. They are perfect to hang on the windowsill or on a side wall. Just make sure to wash them regularly and let them dry out completely before using.


You can get window bird feeders with suction cups in many different sizes and shapes. There are even some that have built in light sensors. This adds to the beauty and you can easily adjust the amount of light that comes through the feeder. The feeder will also stay cool to the touch, which will keep the birds comfortable during the hot summer months. Of course, there is also the option to just leave it out on the window and not worry about having to keep it moving or adjusting the angle of the cup.


Another wonderful thing about this type of window bird feeder is that you do not need any type of messy platform to hang it from. Even a table lamp or a book shelf will do. The window bird feeder cup hangs on a sturdy platform, so it will be very easy to clean and keep clean. You can simply sweep away any debris that falls to the floor, and this would probably be a good time to sweep away the bugs as well.


This is just a quick overview of these types of window bird feeders with suction cups. They are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. As we said in Part 1 of this article, they can be very helpful for attracting a variety of species.


There are a few other things you should know before purchasing one of these feeders for your windows. First, you should realize that they are primarily made out of plastic and glass. If you have wood trim around your windows, you should make sure that your feeder will not get hung up due to any type of rough or sharp edges. The last thing you want to do is cut yourself open on your window sill. Plastic and glass can both be very lightweight and that can be a problem if you have a large home or window.


Another thing that you should consider is that you should think about where you are going to be placing your window bird feeder. In most cases, they are hung from the upper part of your window. However, if you have large windows and you would like to place the feeder on your lower windowsill, you can do that as well. However, if you are planning on placing the feeder in your kitchen window, you may find that suction cups will not work very well to hold them in place.


Once you have decided where you are going to place your window bird feeder, you should think about the design. Some of these are very simplistic and you just attach the suction cups to the window with very little effort. Other designs are more complicated and you will want to carefully look at the feeder and decide how it will best suite your home and your personal preferences before you make any final decisions on the design.