Why Buy a Clear Window Outdoor Bird Feeder?

Mar 12, 21
Why Buy a Clear Window Outdoor Bird Feeder?

Have you ever tried to clean that clear window bird feeder with suction cups? Maybe your bird feeder has been soiled because of too many pesky intruders. But cleaning that clear outdoor bird feeder with suction cups is something you have probably thought about before. Why would I have to clean this feeder? Is it not supposed to be pretty and colorful and attract birds to my yard?


Well believe or not, it is not your bird feeder alone that makes you think about cleaning it. Many bird feeders are not that clear and if you have ever watched birds in the wild they do not come and sit on a bird feeder that does not have any sort of protection from the elements. If the bird feeders are left out in the hot sun on a hot day these birds get very dirty and this is why they will always seem a little dirty around the edges.


The same is true with many types of bird houses also. Some bird houses are made from plastic and they can get very dirty very quickly when they are exposed to the elements. They may be cleaned with a mild detergent, but they will never be as clear as a bird feeder that is made from wood or metal. These bird feeders are often equipped with suction cups so they can be cleaned easily.


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You may not think that using bird feeders like this are good for your yard. But many bird lovers do. One reason is that a bird feeder like this is a much safer place for them than say a tall tree stand. While the birds love to sit in the tree stands there is always the chance that they could crash into one. This would probably not happen in a bird feeder.


Another reason why people love a clear window outdoor bird feeder is because when they go to take a bird home in the winter months they are less likely to see other birds at their feeder. When you have birds eating from a bird feeder you may not see another bird at all for months. This is because the birds that are eating from your clear window feeder are less likely to come and sit on your feeder.


You can buy bird feeders that are clear but you can also buy ones that are partially opaque. The partially opaque ones will allow some light to filter through and reflect off of the bird feeder. This way you can still see the bird feeder, even if the sun is shining directly on it. A clear window outdoor bird feeder is perfect for anyone who wants to capture the beauty of these wonderful birds in their backyard.