The Benefits Of Suction Cup Bird Feeders

Apr 05, 21
The Benefits Of Suction Cup Bird Feeders

If you're looking for a way to attract more birds to your yard, there are several ways to accomplish this, including hanging bird feeders, using suction cups, and window bird feeder with suction cups. While these options will help you attract many varieties of birds, they don't all work well in attracting certain species or in providing specific types of birds with specific needs. Here are some benefits of suction cup bird feeders that may be surprising to you.


Suction cups allow for smaller feeders. This is an important benefit because many people are intimidated by the size of large feeders. But, as a rule, birds have very sensitive taste buds that require a lot of sugary, tasty foods to get them going. Suction cups allow for smaller feeders so you can use less of them and still attract plenty of birds. Suction cups also allow you to increase your chances of getting the species of birds you want to attract because you can put different kinds in different locations.


Window bird feeders with suction cup tops are great for attracting smaller birds and larger birds. These birds prefer a small window bird feeder with suction cup tops over a large bird feeder without these cups. They can easily hang upside down from the bird feeding supplies in your shed or even right over your window. This allows the birds to get the sugary treats they crave but still get some visual stimulation from the outside.


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Window bird feeder with suction cups also help birds stay dry and protected from the elements. The moist air can bring condensation that can damage the birds' delicate feathers. A bird feeding supply that provides lots of ventilation can help the birds stay drier than they might otherwise be. There are types of bird houses made especially to help birds stay dry and comfortable. It's always a good idea to put your bird feeder where it will have access to fresh air.


Bird baths are another terrific way to give birds a place to get their food and water. Like bird feeders, these items are an excellent way to provide moisture to the birds and help them stay clean and healthy. Bird baths are available in many sizes and shapes to meet the needs of all kinds of birds. Some bath fixtures include bowls, dishes, and basins. These items can hold a variety of water and food sources to keep the birds happy.


Providing shelter for birds is another important benefit of this type of bird feeder. Sometimes they can become victims of bad weather and other predators that can take down their food supply. Bird baths and bird houses can provide safe places for the birds to nest and sleep. They also provide an area for the birds to perch and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.


It's not just bird feeders and bird baths that offer the benefits of suction cup bird feeding. These items can have other benefits. For instance, if you buy a bird bath that also includes a water holder, you'll find that you can always refill it with water as needed. This keeps the bird bath fresh and it keeps you from having to purchase a fresh supply of water for every bird. Water dispensers are especially beneficial if you own a pet bird because they are a wonderful way to introduce some interaction between the bird and the handler.


You can even use bird feeders and bird baths to improve the overall look of your yard. You can purchase decorative bird feeders and other items to add charm and color to your yard. These items will not only help you identify wildlife and learn more about them, but they can also be a great conversation piece. The more you know about the local wildlife in your area, the more likely you are to come up with creative ways to attract more of these animals into your yard.