What Are Ab Roller Machines?

Mar 07, 21
What Are Ab Roller Machines?

In my opinion, the Ab Roller is one of the most effective pieces of equipment for any person that is serious about their workout and achieving the toned, firm, flat abs we all desire. The Ab Roller is a piece of equipment that is extremely easy to use as you do not require any expertise or specialized training in order to use it effectively. What are Ab Roller results? Well Ab Roller results can be achieved as quickly as possible with little effort required from the user.


As you can imagine due to the ease of use the effectiveness of this equipment is also very high. Once the individual has been trained using the Ab Roller, they will discover how enjoyable it is to use and will soon begin to use it in a routine. What is Ab Roller Results? These include:


- An intense burn of fat and calories. - The elimination of waste material from the body and the reduction of toxins in the body. - The development of muscle tone, which will give the individual the firm, flat abs they desire. - The elongation of the spine which increases mobility and functionality of the spine. - The strengthening of core muscles that will result in the prevention of back injuries.


The Ab Roller machine was devised by fitness experts who have over 40 years of experience in the field of exercise physiology and bodybuilding. The founder of the Ab Roller, John Davenport, kept testing various versions of the equipment until he came up with a version that was easy to use and effective. Once he developed the machine in the early 1990's it was a sensation and was used by thousands of people world wide. However, not everyone could afford the equipment and so the demand for cheaper, more easily available equipment outstripped its production.


In recent years the demand for cheaper machines has greatly decreased and the popularity of the Ab Roller as a whole has declined. This may be due to poor sales of the original Ab Roller or simply the aging of the original equipment. Some of the newer designs of the Ab Roller may not even offer the same benefits as the Ab Roller originally did. Some of the newer models advertise to offer unique benefits such as; low impact aerobic exercise, lower body strength training, support for a variety of positions including seated and standing workouts and personal massagers. All of these are well validating claims, although we can only base the benefits of the equipment on what have been reported ab scissor exercises performed on them.


In closing what are ab-roller machines is a device that has proven to be an effective and safe way to tone and shape the abs. They do, however, just as the name suggests, exercise the abs by using a roller which provides resistance when you lean against it. What are ab-roller machines are great for the person looking to stay in shape and lose weight but don't want to put in too much time exercising. The equipment works by using your own body weight and you can perform other exercises such as crunches and sit ups.


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