Rhinitis Allergy Laser Therapy - How It Can Help You

Mar 04, 21
Rhinitis Allergy Laser Therapy - How It Can Help You

Rhinitis Allergy Laser Therapy - How It Can Help You

Rhinitis is swelling of the tissues surrounding the nose which can be caused by allergies or exposure to chemicals. A rhinitis allergy laser device is a treatment for this condition that is often used along with antibiotics. The laser, also called photodynamic therapy, works by reducing the swelling and redness of the lining.


The laser is safe when it is being used correctly. It must be used carefully in order not to have an allergic reaction. This usually means working with the doctor to find out what allergies the patient has. Once this is known, the doctor will then give the patient a series of tests to see if he or she has any allergies that can be treated by the laser. The test results will determine if a treatment is necessary and how much of the laser will be used on the patient.


Some doctors use a traditional sine wave in the procedure. Others use a pulsed-dip lasers. When the laser is being used for rhinitis allergy laser therapy, it must be given at a certain dosage. It should not be more or less than the normal dose given to a person with the ailment. The laser must also be used carefully in order not to harm the patient's underlying tissue.


A small portion of the skin may become slightly red, although this does not typically happen. It is better to watch for this problem. A small cut or abrasion may occur in the surrounding tissue, but this should heal over time. If the abrasion is deeper, the patient should consult with his or her doctor to determine if the laser treatment is harmful.


When lasers are used properly, patients can experience significant improvement in rhinitis symptoms. Many people who have used lasers to treat their rhinitis no longer need to take their medication or have their shots. They also find that their symptoms do not occur as often. If you are experiencing rhinitis, you should consider laser therapy.


In some patients, the allergic reaction to their first course of medications is what prompts them to seek out laser therapy. Usually the allergy is discovered after the procedure. The body becomes accustomed to the laser's effects and the allergic reaction usually disappears. This is often the case for allergy sufferers, as the body slowly adjusts to the medications and the allergic reactions stop.


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