Removing Ear Wax With Candles

Apr 03, 21
Removing Ear Wax With Candles

Removing ear wax with candles is a common pseudoscientific home remedy. Many people have read about it in the health and beauty magazines and have done their research on the Internet. Some people are not sure about using candles for removing ear wax because of the odor factor. There is really no smell, actually, just some mild to moderate smell from the wax. You can see ear wax buildup just about anywhere on your skin but the ears are actually the most common place for it to build up.


You can find recipes for removing ear wax with tea tree oil, baking soda and other products on the Internet, in books or at the local library. Most of them are fairly easy to do not require any fancy tools or supplies. The easiest of the ear waxing recipes usually only require water and a small amount of essential oil or perfume. Once you learn the steps it is fairly easy to do the waxing on your own and you will not have to pay anyone else to do it for you.


Many natural health practitioners such as naturopathic doctors and chiropractors recommend using candles for removing ear wax because it is known for reducing inflammation. There are also some herbal remedies that are said to work as well. One of the earwax removal remedies that has been used for centuries is the making of a poultice. A poultice is used to take care of minor skin issues and to promote general health. Some of the ingredients that are typically found in herbal remedies for earwax removal include: bayberry bark, mullein, sage, henna, thyme, lavender, and marigold.


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Using candles for ear wax removal is a great idea. These candles provide a very warm, relaxing feeling while they melt away the wax. You can choose from the many different scents that are available including apple cider, vanilla, cinnamon, cedar, or pine. Some of these candles can be burned in your oven or placed on your fireplace for about fifteen minutes.


If you are looking at home remedies for removing ear wax then you may also want to try an all natural approach. One way of removing ear wax without burning your ear is to soak cotton balls in apple cider vinegar and place them in your ears. You can wrap a towel around your ear and leave it in place for a few hours. The warm sensation that you get from the vinegar will help to relax your ear drum.


Some people prefer the use of commercial products for ear wax removal. There are a lot of these available at your local drugstore and supermarket. You can find these in many different types such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, cotton pads, and drops. You can either use the pads or the swabs for ear wax removal. If you choose the cotton pads then make sure that they are washable because if you leave them on for too long the ear wax may start to enter into your ear canal.


If you do waxing at home then you may prefer to purchase a candle that you can place into your ears. Wax candles are becoming more popular. Many of these candles have a variety of different scents. For example some of the candle brands will have bay leaves, roses, cedar, vanilla, and other different essential oils. You can choose one of these candles and place them in each ear to smell at various times throughout the day.


However, if you don't like the idea of embedding wax into your ears you can always use the commercial ear waxing products that you can buy at the store. These products usually come in bottles and you just take them out of the box. You place the candle in your ear and light it. If you are going to do ear waxing on a regular basis then you may want to invest in a wax remover like the ones you can buy from most drugstores.