How to Use Push Up Boards With Color Coded Muscles

Mar 28, 21
How to Use Push Up Boards With Color Coded Muscles

For any woman who has ever pushed herself to the limit and did the tough things that needed to be done, she probably has her own collection of color coded push up boards for strength training. If you've ever had to endure an intense workout, then you know how easily the body can "turn off" certain features of the brain is not "firing on all cylinders." This includes your abdominal muscles, for one thing. And if you've ever experienced a truly challenging workout session, you know that you simply cannot do it all in one day. Your body needs time to recuperate and repair itself after a rigorous workout.


Push Up Boards

And if you have seen this push up boards at the local gym, then you know they are color coded for strength training. Push up boards are used as a visual reminder for when your abdominal muscles need to be worked out. The upper part of the board is light green while the lower part of the board is yellow. This helps a woman to focus specifically on her abdominal muscles when doing pushups.


Another reason why these push up boards are so effective is because of their design. Most are made from a rubber material. Rubber is an excellent medium for developing and molding muscles. Pushups can be developed using resistance bands and dumbbells as well. A properly designed push up board will allow a woman to do push ups while lying down, which is convenient for someone who might not have the luxury of time to devote to running or doing crunches. It's also convenient for someone who might be too busy to run to the gym but wants to be able to do push ups during their lunch break.



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The design of the push up board is important because it tells the user (especially the woman) what muscle groups she should work on. Abdominal muscles are one of the main targeted areas for push ups. The design of the push up board helps to emphasize the abdominal muscles by color coding them with different shades of green. The user is therefore directed to concentrate on developing those abdominal muscles.


One of the keys to developing strong abdominal muscles is regular push ups. When one can do regular push ups, he or she will notice that they get stronger. Push ups are much more difficult than regular push ups when done properly. Doing regular push ups with proper form will lead to one's abdominal muscles growing and becoming stronger. However, developing these muscles by doing regular push ups can only be achieved if one is doing the exercises properly.


A properly designed push up board is something that you would find at any gym in your city. You can even use your push up board at home, if you own one. These boards are easy to set up at home. All you need is an exercise bench, some rope or elastic and a board that is big enough to accommodate your hands and feet. Once you have set up the push up board, then you would need to do push ups by holding the rope or the elastic and placing your feet firmly on the board.


Once you have performed 10 push ups, you can now remove the board and repeat the exercise with your other hand. If your hands are small, you can use a forearm's grip for better balance. You should be able to feel the abdominal muscles getting involved as you increase the number of push ups. Eventually, you will be able to do as many push ups as you can without thinking about it.


Apart from being able to do more push ups, you will also notice that your abdominal muscles get stronger. This in turn leads to developing bigger muscles of your chest, shoulders, and even your back. As you grow older, you will notice that you no longer get sick easily and experience less pain. All these are just a few advantages that come with doing color coded abdominal workouts. Try them out and you will surely enjoy them.