How Does an Electric Acupuncture Pen Work?

Apr 10, 21
How Does an Electric Acupuncture Pen Work?

Are you a fan of electric acupuncture pen therapy? If you are, then this article may interest you because you would like to know how these pens work. Scientists are still researching how this alternative healing technique works but for the time being, they can only attest to the amazing benefits that people have experienced while using these products. In this article, you will learn more about how acupuncture electric pen therapy works.


First, let us examine how this healing technique works. To perform the therapy, an acupuncturist inserts thin needles into specific points on the hands or the feet. These points are referred to as meridians as they are connected to other areas of the body. By inserting needles into these areas, the flow of energy is altered and can result to the release of stress, pain, or any form of discomfort.


Electric acupuncture pens are similar to other devices used in traditional medicine. They come with a rechargeable battery, rechargeable power, or they can be plugged into an outlet. Because of their unique design, they eliminate the need for needles and the associated pain. Unlike traditional medicine, acupuncture using electric stimulation has no side effects and promotes a faster recovery rate.


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An acupuncture pen consists of two basic parts. One part contains the electrodes which are placed underneath the skin. Next, there is a special device which has an ultra-thin needle that enables the acupuncturist to puncture the skin and release the electricity. Using these devices, practitioners can treat different types of conditions such as joint pain, arthritis, sports injuries, and muscle spasms.


To achieve the proper stimulation, the patient must make sure the top of the electric pen is at a height that allows them to reach all parts of the palm without touching any pressure points. This helps in reaching the meridian points which are located on different areas of the body. With the help of a manual, the acupuncturist will then move the needle along the meridian and consequently releasing the energy to the area being treated. By varying the pressure levels, the acupuncturist is able to change the stimulation that leads to different results.


Unlike in the traditional forms of this form of therapy, electric acupuncture pens have different stimulation settings which allow the user to adjust the intensity levels for a targeted area. This makes it ideal for treating different ailments. Depending on the need, the settings are adjusted from five to ten levels of stimulation. The number one setting corresponds to the most intense treatment that is suitable for pain relief. The further levels down the acupuncture pen, the lower the levels of stimulation.


Since the goal of using this type of pen is to treat aches without the use of needles, its effectiveness is also limited by the speed with which the needles deliver the heat energy. If one feels pain, the treatment must be stopped. Likewise, if one is expecting a more extensive or powerful effect, continuous treatments should be avoided. Some patients may be able to handle these limitations but others find it difficult to ignore the lack of pain relief and discomfort.


While acupuncture pens may not eliminate aches entirely, their main purpose is to treat aches and pains caused by stress and other factors without the use of needles. In line with this, they are considered very safe for home use. However, it is still very important that care be taken when using such products especially if you have sensitive skin. Do not use an acupuncture treatment table if your body mass is too heavy. The table may cause injury to your vital organs.