Can Compression Gloves Help Arthritis?

Mar 13, 21
Can Compression Gloves Help Arthritis?

Do compression gloves help arthritis? The answer is yes. A growing number of healthcare professionals, including athletic trainers, doctors, and occupational therapists, believe that compression gloves can benefit those with arthritis. They are not, however, a cure for arthritis, but a helpful tool that may help reduce the symptoms of this painful and frustrating disorder.


Arthritis is a condition that affects many of us; it is a chronic disease that causes joint pain, inflammation, and limited range of motion. When one or more joints are affected, the ability to be active and perform daily tasks can be severely limited. It is not surprising, then, that many with arthritis choose to wear a support belt, splint, or some sort of elbow support during activities. While these may give some temporary relief, they do little to resolve the underlying cause of the disease. Compression gloves offer an alternative to these supports. By offering an even gentle compression of the skin on the hands and fingers, they can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis stiffness.


What are some types of arthritis gloves? There are several different types, including soft, medium, and firm. There are also glove options like gel fingerless gloves, which are designed to provide increased comfort and moisture when worn. Gel compression gloves for arthritis are particularly beneficial because they provide increased pressure along with heat to combat arthritis stiffness. If you would like to try a compression glove for arthritis stiffness, try one that provides a medium pressure.


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Do not wear a compression glove while engaging in rough work or exercises. During this time, your muscles are more susceptible to injuries, and they can result in more pain and discomfort later. For example, do not wear a compression glove if you plan on using the gym, running, or doing any kind of athletic activity during the warm up and warm down periods of your exercises. Additionally, if you have just gotten off the exercise bike or treadmill, wait at least four hours before wearing your compression glove during your next workout session.


Can you buy arthritis compression gloves online? Yes, you can buy your own compression glove right from your own home. Compression gloves can be purchased online through a variety of outlets including sporting goods stores, exercise-supply stores, and online retailers. In fact, some arthritis websites have specially created sections for those interested in purchasing their own compression gloves for arthritis.


How do I know if a compression glove will help with arthritis? The most common response to the question of if a compression glove for arthritis will work is a positive response from those who use the product. Those who do experience some improvement with their arthritis stiffness usually notice that their symptoms decrease. For example, a patient may notice that they have an easier time using the joint, they no longer have pain when they move their fingers, or they no longer are as stiff as they once were. In addition, if your arthritis symptoms are mild to moderate, your doctor may recommend a compression glove to see if it can make a difference.


How do compression gloves work to treat arthritis? A compression glove uses a special pump placed at the side of the wrist that provides a steady flow of air to promote blood flow and increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the affected area. As a result, pressure is relieved from the joint and surrounding area, which allows the cartilage to be protected and rebuild itself over time.


If you think a compression glove might help you with arthritis stiffness, make sure you discuss it with your doctor first. Remember, each case of arthritis is different and only your doctor can determine if it's the right treatment option for your particular situation. Furthermore, don't be embarrassed if your doctor expresses concern over using a compression glove. Just keep in mind that your arthritis was likely cause by many things, and a compression glove can help increase blood flow, improve circulation, and allow your body to repair itself over time. All it takes is a little support from your doctor and you may find yourself feeling better in no time!