Acupuncture Pen Benefits

Mar 26, 21
Acupuncture Pen Benefits

For decades, the humble acupuncture pen has been a trusted tool for practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. Used by doctors, dentists, and other professionals who perform acupuncture on patients, these pens have been invaluable in providing them with exacting points of acupuncture pressure points to precisely target. But in the last several years, Western medicine has finally caught up and began to implement acupuncture into its patient treatment plans. Now you too can experience the benefits of acupuncture by using an electronic acupuncture pen! This new type of acupuncture pen consists of a rechargeable battery, a pair, or three tiny needles, and a pressure-sensitive electronic devise. All you need is a paper clip to put the pen to the skin, and it will quickly and painlessly penetrate deeply into the skin for very targeted acupuncture treatment, just as the ancient Chinese practitioners did.


Unlike the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture, Western medicine now recognizes that the body's own pain sensors are actually the key to successful acupuncture therapy. This is why all of the latest electronic acupuncture pens come pre-programmed with these very same pain sensors. This allows the user to select the exact points to be treated and to avoid selecting the wrong acupuncture point. Once the needle is inserted, it immediately begins emitting continuous high-frequency sound waves which are felt and heard by the patient. In addition, when it is removed, the sound stops.


The amount of pressure required to cause a deep penetration into the skin is simply not possible with the traditional needles. Acupuncturists in traditional China realized years ago that they could not achieve this level of stimulation through their fingertips, and therefore, they began developing disposable needles. They began calling these "needle clippers" and used them to precision during treatment. The first of these disposable needles was developed in Japan in the 1970s. These tiny needles were called "nibbler" needles and are still used by modern acupuncturists to deliver acupuncture relief to millions of patients worldwide.


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An electronic acupuncture pen, on the other hand, is simply a pen with a collection of microneedles that, when used in conjunction with an electronic stimulation device, allows for a much deeper and more penetrating sensation than can be achieved with regular needles. In addition to this, it allows the acupuncturist to adjust the depth of penetration for a particular patient's needs. An added benefit is the fact that these needles can be programmed to vary the pressure and number of microneedles in each treatment. This is great for those patients that have chronic pain, as only the appropriate number of needles will be required for each session.


Not only is an electronic pen convenient, but it is also more cost effective than the traditional need for these specialized needles. Since these are disposable, there is no need to purchase them every time you need them. Also, the lack of maintenance associated with them means less hassle and expense. Traditional needles require sharpening, cleaning, and oils on a regular basis, and these products do not require any of this.


When it comes right down to it, the main benefit of an electronic pen is the cost savings associated with using them. A single session with an acupuncture pen can easily cost as little as twenty bucks. Compare this to the cost of a pair of needles, and you can see how quickly you can reap the benefits of this convenient tool. It is also much more convenient than having to utilize the traditional acupuncture needles.


Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. During ancient times, using needles was the only way to treat acupuncture. Today, it is possible to receive acupuncture without ever leaving your home thanks to the many electronic devices available today. An acupuncture pen helps to further reduce the hassle associated with traditional acupuncture procedures.


As you can see, the benefits of an electronic acupuncture pen are wide-ranging. They are incredibly convenient, safe, and offer a significant degree of relief over the use of acupuncture needles. If you are interested in trying acupuncture, an acupuncture pen is definitely the way to go.