Hair Color at Home: What Are Your Options?

Mar 18, 21
Hair Color at Home: What Are Your Options?

Why spend money on hair color when you can make your own hair color glazes for hair? These homemade colorings are cheap, and easy to make, but the results can be very amazing. Your hair will become more natural-looking, shiny, softer, and much more vibrant.


Hair Color Glazes

To make one of these creations, you'll need two to three cans of hair color glossy glue, hair color paint, hair color glaze, a color comb, hair care products such as hair sprays or gels, and food coloring. You will also need a hairbrush for applying the glue. If you don't want to bother with the glue, you can also purchase hair color glazes in some drugstores. The cheapest ones aren't that good, though. But it's better than nothing. The glaze is easy to find online and in most beauty supply stores.


Start by spraying each of the cans of hair color glossy blue with a tiny bit of hair-color paint. Don't go crazy, because you want to create a smooth surface to spread the color. Once the glue is dry, dip the end of your hairbrush in some hair color glaze and press down on it. Leave the color for about an hour. This allows time for the color to bond to the brush.


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Next, take some hair spray or gel and lightly spritz your hairbrush with hair color glaze. Gently sweep the color into your hairline. Once you've applied the hair color to your brush, gently brush through your hair. Make sure all the color is distributed evenly.


color glaze for hair

Now let's get creative! If you're using a gel, you can lightly mist the tip of your hairbrush at the roots with some color. Then dip your hairbrush into some hair color shade and lightly spray from root to tip. Let the color stay in your hair for about two minutes before brushing out.


If you're using liquid color glazes, you can add some drops of nail polish to the bottom of each tube. Shake the bottle until the color in the bottle mixes with the polish. Apply, to your nails like you would color your hair. Use a clean finger to gently brush through the color.


Another way to create a glittery look is by applying some thinned hair color in pomade. You'll need to use the wrong consistency for your hair, so thin hair isn't good. Once you've colored your hair, apply pomade to the ends of your hair to cover the roots. Brush through the hair to make the color look thick.


If you're trying to find a cheap way to make hair color glazes at home, try making them with lemon juice and salt. This is great for hair that has a tendency to turn red when you straighten it, or for people who don't want to dye their hair but still want to have a glittering, colorful look. All you need for this great hair color at home method is hair color (red or blue) and salt. Apply the salt-water mixture to your hair and gently rub into your hair, starting in the center of your hair and working your way out.


The only issue with this hair color at home trick is that it requires a lot of time to do. It takes about two hours to make one gram of hair color glaze. If you're just doing this once, it's not a huge amount of time but if you were planning on braiding multiple hair strands to create different color looks, it would take you hours. But it works! That's why it's a great trick to do if you're short on time.


Another great hair color at home trick is to use gels, mousse, or spray on hair color. These gels work great on hair that has been colored already. They can also be applied before you put your hair into hair color glazes so that you don't have to wait long between coats. Spray on hair color glazes, as you would any other color, are great if you're trying to change your hair color mid-season.


These are two of the main ways to color hair at home without a hair salon. Both of these methods are easy and affordable. There are many more options than these two, but these two methods will get you started. You may want to look into other hair color at home tricks, like dying your hair naturally using dying gels, sprays, or even homemade color. This may be a great alternative for you if you don't have a ton of time but can't afford a professional hair color at home treatment.