Why Encryption Is Important For A Two Way Baby Monitor

Apr 07, 21
Why Encryption Is Important For A Two Way Baby Monitor

A two way baby monitor is a good investment for any parent. It gives you the ability to keep an eye on your baby even if you are not there to physically watch them. It is much safer than a baby monitor that you leave in a room with a window because it does not pick up the crying and the sounds of distress from inside the room. It is completely portable and can easily go with you anywhere. A two way baby monitor is perfect for those parents who have gone on a business trip and want to be able to keep track of their baby even if they are out of the country.


You can use two-way baby monitors in two ways. The first way is completely hands free. This means that you can simply look at the baby without having to place anything on the receiver or you can place something like a cell phone on the receiver. Some models of two-way baby monitors also have a feature that will allow you to answer and make calls on the transmitter unit. This means that you can receive feeds and hear your baby in complete comfort without having to use the receiver.


The second way is with the use of a transmitter. With this option, a transmitter is attached to your baby in some way. This can either be a simple clip or a more sophisticated attachment like a swivel-type lock. With a two way baby monitor using a clip, you can simply place the clip on your baby or put it on their clothing. The clip will then pick up the sound from the baby's heart and transmit it to the receiving receiver on your computer.


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A two way baby monitor with a transmitter is much harder to detect as it uses a sophisticated encryption system. To further complicate matters, two way baby monitor systems are also available with two-way transmitters that don't require any type of encryption. Basically, these systems do not use any encryption at all and are much less obvious. They are also much less expensive than the other options.


You might think this is not an important issue but it is. As I stated above, two way baby monitor systems use encryption so even if someone happens to know the code, they won't be able to listen in. This will ensure your baby's privacy. However, if you happen to have two way baby monitor systems with no encryption at all, this also gives the person doing the listening a chance to listen in too. This is why it is important to choose the right system for your needs.


So where does one find this information? The simple answer is to do your research. Try to get as much information as possible about the two way baby monitor options you are interested in. Check customer reviews and compare prices. Remember, this can be a very expensive purchase so you want to make sure you are getting the best deal.


It should also be noted that two-way baby monitors often come with additional features. For example, some of them include a thermometer and an alarm clock. If you want those features, look for a system that offers them. Otherwise, you may end up with something you really don't need.


Hopefully, now you understand why it is important to choose a two way baby monitor that offers encryption. You will also understand why it is important to choose a system that is unobtrusive. Keep these considerations in mind as you shop, and soon you will have the security you need for your baby.