Making Baby Hand and Foot Prints

Apr 14, 21
Making Baby Hand and Foot Prints

The most commonly used baby gift is a hand and foot print kit. It comes with many useful baby items such as baby socks, baby blankets, and clothes. This kit allows the expectant mother to create an original baby art that will be cherished by her baby forever. Some of these kits are more suitable for newborns, while others are suitable for older babies.


A baby's first few footprints are very unique and you can create a beautiful image or photo of your baby's footprint to send as a baby shower gift. This gift will be greatly appreciated by the mother because it is a keepsake of her baby's first few steps and feet. It will always be a treasured part of her baby's memory.


There are many ways to make the baby's first few footprints more beautiful. You can use an ink pad and ink well to create the image. Alternatively, you can purchase an ink pad from any baby supply store and write your baby's name on the pad using a marker. You should allow plenty of time for the baby to dry before using it so that the skin around the baby's first few toes is not irritated.


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Many people enjoy creating baby hand prints and foot prints with their baby's hand and foot. They can then frame the baby's hand and foot prints and decorate them. Alternatively, you can also frame baby's hand and foot prints that have been created using baby ink. These types of baby images are a permanent memory for the child and provide him with a lifelong source of enjoyment. These inkless baby print kits are available from most good baby stores.


The process of creating these types of baby art takes a little longer than making baby footprint images using an ink pad. The baby's hand and foot have to be carefully measured so that the footprint can be copied accurately. If measurements are off a bit, the baby may appear to have two feet rather than just one. The baby's hand and foot have to be held flat to the table and gently squeezed in the molds so that the lines are even. If the baby's hand and foot are held at a different angle in the mold, the lines may appear to run differently.


Once the baby's hand and foot are ready, you have to wet the baby's skin with warm water to remove any moisture. A soft cloth is then pressed firmly over the baby's hand and foot and a thick ink pad is used to transfer the ink. A clean white cloth is used to dry the baby's hand and foot and then the baby is wrapped in a clean towel so that nothing else can mar the artwork. Some baby stores allow you to add a small fabric cover to the baby's artwork to complete the look. The cloth is removed when the baby is completely dry.


A baby's hand and foot prints can take on many different shapes and forms. You can create a paw print or create a hand and foot shape that include fingers and toes. You can also create various other animals such as a lion, a turtle, and an alligator. You can even make your baby's hand and foot appears to be that of a large bird or a dinosaur.


A baby's hand and foot prints are great keepsakes that will be treasured throughout the baby's childhood. Your baby will enjoy looking at and playing with his or her hand and foot for many years to come. It is also nice to have something tangible to remember your baby as being so unique and special.