How to Turn a Diaper Bag Into a Bassinet

Apr 04, 21
How to Turn a Diaper Bag Into a Bassinet

Bassinets have a long history of being used for infant transportation. Early versions were made to be used as carriages, and they often functioned as an automobile for infants. Many families would have two bassinets, so one baby could ride in the other when on traveling. The oldest version of this type of baby carrier was created about seven hundred years ago in China. Today it is still popular in many developing countries. The bassinet you may use in these countries may not have the same safety features as those found in the United States, but it still can be a safe choice for the baby.


bassinet diaper bag

A diaper bag that changes into a bassinet is designed to be very sturdily constructed and provide a secure place for the infant to lie down. It may have a hood that easily lifts to cover the infant's head. It is wide enough to fit a blanket or a quilt, with enough length to tuck a towel behind the bag in case the child becomes unruly. Most models come with an additional diaper bag that can be used as a sleeping basket.


These bags come in many different sizes, colors, and fabrics. Some have straps for carrying and some are designed to hang over the shoulder like a traditional hanging bassinet. They are made of woven materials, such as denim or cotton. Some have zippers, and some do not.


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There are several different types of attachments for the diaper bag. One is the side attached pouch, which will hold a few diapers until the baby is old enough to use a regular toilet. Another is the shoulder strap attached pouch which can be secured around the upper shoulder and used like a carrier. A backpack-style attachment can fit over the hips and can carry as many diapers as the parent desires.


The diaper can also become a bassinet for several older children or the parents themselves. The one-shoulder style helps to accommodate more than one baby and it also helps when the baby becomes attached at the hip. The backpacks are large enough to hold a significant number of diapers. When the bassinet becomes an older child's bed, the older child can use the backpack-style attachment to prop them up. This will make them comfortable and less likely to roll out of bed.


For those who wish to have their bassinet as a keepsake, there are several ways it can be customized. Any embroidery or paint that is needed can be added. Colors can also be chosen. An additional accessory, such as a pail, can be bought and used to store extra diapers while the baby is young. A swing can be purchased and used to turn the diaper bag into a cradle. Other accessories can be purchased to personalize the diaper bag into something truly unique.


Bassinets can be made with two sets of handles so they can be moved to different locations when needed. They can be made into a car seat attachment, if desired. The attachment can be made with a set of handles and the bag itself can be made into a storage chest. These bags are available from most stores, but a custom order may be necessary. Most online sites allow for easy customizing of the product.


There are many uses for a diaper bag that turns into a bassinet. Most parents find it useful for moving their child from the car to the bassinet and back. Others use it to make their child feel more secure in their new home.