How to Choose a Bath Cushion For Baby

Apr 13, 21
How to Choose a Bath Cushion For Baby

What's a bath cushion for baby? It's a cushioned pad that fits over your existing bathtub. The purpose is to prevent your baby from falling out of the tub into the water, which can be dangerous. Many parents find themselves standing on their own in the bathtub with their baby at the bottom, and that's not very comfortable for baby. So a bath cushion for the tub can give you some peace of mind while you're taking care of the baby.


You first need to find the right kind of bath cushion for baby. There are two main types: one is made of foam and the other is made of memory foam. Foam bath cushions offer the most protection of all the options. They're also the most expensive of all the cushions. There are several things to look for to make sure you get the right one for your baby bathtub. They include:


o The thickness of the padding. Baby baths can leak, even when the pump is turned off, so it's important that the padding is thick enough to protect your baby from slipping out of the tub. Thickness is measured by density. In other words, the thicker the material, the better. One thing you don't want is for your baby to get cut up by the padding as he or she tries to get out of the tub.


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o The number of slats. Most pads have one and two-inch slats for baby to wrap themselves around. However, if your bathtub is large, you might want a pad with three or four inches of slats to provide extra protection. The more slats the better because you'll be protecting your baby from all kinds of slippery surfaces.


o The material it's made of. Some bathtubs are made of specialty foam that is suited for baby bathtub use. Other bathtubs are made of flexible materials that allow water to pass through quickly and stay in one place, so they don't wear down as fast. When you're shopping for a bath cushion for baby, be sure it's made of material that will keep its shape over time. A waffle rubber pad might seem great for the moment, but it won't last.


o The fit. Babies grow and wrinkle all the time. A slip-on bathtub foam bath might not last too long if it's not fitted properly. You need a tight fit so that the baby's head and neck won't hanging outside the tub. If the slip-on falls off, it can injure your baby.


o Comfort. It's hard to imagine a baby who doesn't like the feel of a soft bath. Foam cushions offer that, without being uncomfortable for baby. They won't suffocate if they're in and out of the tub, either.


Baby bath cushions aren't always needed for a bathtub, but they can make things much better. Many new parents are tempted to go with just a regular bathtub, but that isn't always the best idea. The bathtub can get cold in the winter, and your baby needs to stay warm and cozy. Whether you choose a bathtub or something else, bath cushions are a great idea for any nursery.


You can find a variety of different styles to choose from. One is a basic bath seat with a back that swivels around. This is a cheaper bathtub seat, but you have to remember to put the baby in this when it's not warm enough inside the bath. You also have to be careful, since babies can easily fall out. It can be quite painful for the baby to try and climb out of the bathtub if there is a problem.


A better option is a bathtub with a handle. This makes getting your baby in and out much easier, since you can simply reach over and push a button instead of reaching over and grab. If you're worried about the baby falling out, you can simply place a pillow underneath the edge of the bathtub. Baby can still fall asleep here, but if the pillow tips over, it won't get hurt.


The last consideration is the material from which the bath cushion is made. Some are made of plastic, while others are made of cloth or leather. If you want a bathtub that is both sturdy and comfortable, then you should go with cloth bath accessories. These are available at most home improvement stores, especially if you shop during the warmer months. Leather and plastic cushions are more expensive, so if you're on a tight budget, these may not be the best ones to purchase.