What is a Mirror Mount Dash Cam?

Mar 07, 21
What is a Mirror Mount Dash Cam?

Dash cams are mounted on cars with a windshield by what is called a "mirror mount" that can be removed or added as the situation calls for it. This kind of mount is not difficult to install and can be done in minutes. A mirror-mounting bracket, a few screws, and some hardware and you are ready to mount your mirror on your car. The reason why people opt to use a mirror mount as opposed to an actual dashboard mount is because of space issues when it comes to installing one. Mirrors are usually placed high on the car, so if there is not enough room for a dashboard mount then what is the use of a mirror? Dashboard mounts are typically placed on the driver side door window or the passenger-side side door where the driver will be able to see what is behind him as he goes down the lane.


Installing a cam is very similar to installing a digital video recorder (DVR). The difference between the two is that you can mount your cam to anything that you want and change the view as you please. As for the wiring, everything that goes inside a dash cam is pre-wired so there is no need to run any wires through or over the dashboard itself. If you choose to buy a universal clip-on cam, then all you need to do is plug it in the corresponding wire and feed the other end of the wire to the corresponding holes on the dash board.


Nowadays, most vehicles come with built in mirror-mounting brackets. Some dash cams have been designed with hook and loop attachments that allow you to easily mount a universal mirror to any place on the cam. This is the best option for vehicles without headlamps, turn signals, or brake lights. For these kinds of cameras, what is a mirror mount dashboard cam? There are two types of mirror mounts - one is a built in mirror that can be locked and unlocked as needed and another one is a clip-on type that allows you to move it anywhere you like.


Installing a mirror is easy with a universal clip-on type of mirror-mounting bracket. To lock the mirror, simply push the bottom part of the bracket to lock in place. For unlocking, just pull it out. It is important to note that if you have a dash cam with an antibacterial feature, you should wash it after each use to keep germs at bay.


When installing a mirror for a dash cam that is equipped with turn signals and brakes, it is important to know which parts of the cam are in contact with the road. If you don't, the cam will not turn properly when you apply pressure on the brakes or turn the key. Most vehicle manufacturers specify the distance from the turn signals to the dash-mounting bracket so you can mount the cam according to its specifications.


When your what is a mirror mount dash cam is installed correctly, you should see a clear picture of what is going on around you. Installing a cam with a mirror is easy, but you must know which tools you need to install it. A mirror is a simple addition to your vehicle and once you see how well it works, you will wonder why you did not have one before. Installing one of these devices will not only make you more efficient, but it will also give you peace of mind when driving your car.


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