How to Add a Sun Shade For Vehicles to Your List of Accessories

Mar 28, 21
How to Add a Sun Shade For Vehicles to Your List of Accessories

A retractable windshield sun shade for vehicles is a great way to keep your passengers protected from the glare of the sun when parked in the sunshine. The sun's rays can be damaging to the exterior of your vehicle and your own eyes. It can cause excessive sun tan, and dehydration. If you're standing too long in the sun while your car is parked, you could end up with discolored spots or even a burned-out sun shade. These issues are easily avoided by using a sun visor.


Retractable sun visors are typically installed on newer vehicles with factory tint. However, they are available for older vehicles as well. They are an inexpensive way to protect your car's interior from sun damage. They can also be used as a sun shade to keep your car safe when not in use. Here's how it works.


When you're parked in the sun, the natural heat from the sun hits your glass and causes it to reflect the rays back into your eyes. However, if you have a thick or scratchy plastic shield, the heat doesn't get through as easily. The sun's reflection is then refracted by the thick plastic shield, thus causing the glare to appear darker.


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Using a sun visor, you can remedy this problem. Retractable sun visors for vehicles are very thin, either made of clear polycarbonate or frosted and clear. They fit securely on your vehicle's sun visor and act like a filter to deflect the sun rays before they reach the vehicle's interior.


To install a retractable shade for vehicles, check your vehicle's sun visor to see if it will fit. If it can, cut the plastic tab and stick it to the side of your vehicle's sun visor where the plastic meets the frame. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to hold the tab in place and carefully screw it into place, being careful to not damage your vehicle's window sticker.


Once you've installed your new shade, pull the plastic tab over your vehicle's sun visor. Make sure that the shade is centered so that the light still reflects directly off your windshield. Attach the bottom edge of the shade to the bottom edge of your sun visor, using safety clamps if necessary. You can also use bungee cords if you want to be extra secure. Once installed, test the shade to make sure it's aligned properly.


Of course, a sun shade for cars isn't the only option available to reduce glare. Larger windows also make it harder to see into the back of a car, especially at night. Window tinting is another option, which covers your window without blocking the view of the back. This option can add an expensive price tag, but many people feel that it's worth it to keep their belongings safe from sunlight. However, tinting is still not a good idea for tinted windows on your vehicle.


Regardless of which type of sun shade for vehicles you choose, remember that you have more control over which part of your night vision is blocked by the shade than you do with your car's headlights. Choose a spot where you can easily see out into the distance, allowing you to spot any animals lurking in the shadows. Be aware of your surroundings as well. A shady area might be perfect for observing wildlife, but if you're out in the middle of nocturnal life, stay put, and don't venture too far from your car. With a little bit of planning and some careful research, you can add a retractable windshield sun to your list of luxuries.