3 Camera Dash Cam Security Strategies

Apr 07, 21
3 Camera Dash Cam Security Strategies

The main reason that most people buy a digital video recorder (DVR) for their vehicle is so that they can record everything on the recorder. Many of these vehicles come with GPS navigation which makes finding your way easy, but you will also find that the ability to record video adds a great deal to the value of the dash cam. In addition to being able to record video, the triple camera dash cam also has an LCD screen which is easy to view and provides you with information about the area that you are driving in. You can also use this screen to see if you are speeding, to see if you are making any unusual turns or to check your fuel levels.


There are a few different options when it comes to recording this material. One option is to record the video directly onto your DVD player or Blu-Ray player. This allows you to watch the video at your leisure without having to worry about being interrupted while you are driving. You will also have the ability to pause and rewind the video as often as you like. Many of the newer camcorders also have the ability to add audio to the video, so that you can listen to it on your vehicle receiver speakers as well. This gives you the ability to share the video with those who you want to view it, whether your family or your friends.


Another option is to connect your triple camera dash cam to your personal computer. Most of these computer programs will allow you to view the video on your computer monitor as well as record it. This makes it very easy to share the videos with those who need to view them. It is also an excellent way to save money on fuel because you are not spending time writing out lots of reports for each person to read when they need to review the videos.


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One of the most common uses for a triple camera dash cam is to use it to aid in the arrest and prosecution of a suspect. You may even find that the police are using the system during traffic stops. If you are not sure if your dash cam is recording properly, you can check by powering up the recorder and looking at the monitor. If you do not see any information, then there is most likely a problem with the recorder. Try resetting it and look for the problem.


Another reason your cam may not be working properly could be interference from other electronics in your vehicle. For instance, if you plug in an mp3 player or cell phone into the recorder, it may interfere with the recording process. In order to ensure you get a clear and undisturbed recording, make sure all devices are unplugged and turned off before turning the device on.


Some dash caps are equipped with a video resolution of 400 lines at the very highest. Others have resolutions of 200 lines at low quality. If you want crystal-clear video and are concerned about seeing the individual in the video, you may wish to invest in a model with a higher resolution. However, if your main concern is more about being able to clearly see the faces of your suspects, you will be better served by settling for a lower resolution model.


Once you have the right type of camera in place, you will need to choose the proper mounting location. It should be placed as close to the activity as possible to prevent unwanted movement of the camcorder's video equipment from affecting the video feed. Mounting the camera on a pole, roof, or the table may be desirable. However, keep in mind that these locations tend to be harder to hide a camcorder hidden behind, so they are more likely to be targeted by would-be criminals. In addition, if your planned surveillance involves an actual security guard, your location may also be jeopardized by the potential for someone to sneak up on the guard while the cam is recording.


When it comes to recording, always ensure that you use a high quality camcorder. The less features the camera has, the higher the chance it will not record or save properly. A dash cam that can only record the audio is insufficient; you will want to record video with as much clarity and color as possible. Also, if you are planning to make copies of any recordings you make, try to do so on a hard disk which can be wiped clean without causing permanent damage to the disk. If you are concerned about erasing important information, it may be beneficial to purchase a pen drive which can be placed securely within easy reach in case of an accidental erasure.