3 Camera Dash Cam - Features to Consider

Apr 07, 21
3 Camera Dash Cam - Features to Consider

A triple camera dash cam is a high-tech car video surveillance system, that is built into your automobile. The triple-camera system is actually three small cameras placed in such a way as to cover all the possible angles of an attack. There are many good reasons to install this type of product into your car or truck. You will want to find out why here.


You can use the triple-camera system to keep an eye on your children, nannies, babysitter, or anyone else you believe might be inappropriate or should be watched when your children are present. If you don't want to place these cameras in your vehicle you can easily take them on a trip with you or place them in a separate location. If you are at work or have an out of state visitors that you need to monitor, you can place the cameras at their home or other appropriate location. Once they become a threat, you can turn the system on and record the images.


The system has many features including: night vision, pan/tilt/zoom, infrared, and digital video. It will capture the video feed from all the cameras at once so you can see all activity simultaneously. This is a very advantageous feature compared to having to manually switch from one car to the next. You can even use the system to record live video from your cell phone if it has a camera built in. This means you won't have to worry about looking for a video capture device and hope you capture the right moment.


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Some of the most important things to look for when purchasing a triple camera dash cam are the quality of the video and the distance of the view. The quality of the video should be high regardless of whether you are viewing the video on your computer or from your dash cam mounted to your car. The distance of the view should also be high regardless of whether you are viewing the video on your computer or in your car. A high-quality camcorder will provide you with clear, crisp, and unobstructed views no matter where you are viewing them from.


Another thing to look for in dash cam cameras is how easy it is to control the volume on the recorder. Some dash cams allow you to control the volume of the video feed from the front keypad while others have a separate control key on the side of the cam. A third option that is becoming popular is the ability to program-specific button controls on the side of the dash cam so you can quickly operate them when you need to. This makes controlling the volume easier than ever and allows you to avoid having to open up the dash cam to access the buttons.


The distance of the view on your camera should also be high. There should be a clear view no matter which direction you are looking through the viewfinder. There are cameras that offer zoom lenses so you can increase the distance of the video you are viewing without losing image quality. If you are only using the camera to record events, look at the zoom options on the cameras you are considering and see how closely you can get to the object in focus with the zoom lens. If you have to turn the zoom feature on to get an accurate view of what you are trying to record, that is not the best kind of system for you.


Something else to consider when buying a dash cam is how robust the camera is. You want something that will stand up to the wear and tear of being used as well as being something that works when you need it to. Some dash cams are prone to having issues with their battery life and will need to be recharged regularly. Other cameras have rechargeable batteries but only charge once when they are in use. The cameras that offer rechargeable batteries are usually more expensive than those that do not have any type of battery-life indicator. If you will be using the camera just once or twice a year, a camera that does not require recharging will work better for you.


Dash cams can be purchased online and through many retail stores that carry home surveillance products. The best places to buy cameras are online retailers where you can research the cameras and read customer reviews to make sure you are making the right decision. You can also compare prices and features between many cameras when you shop online. Also, consider buying the camera from a company that offers lifetime warranties on products that are purchased for the purpose of surveillance. If you take these extra precautions when purchasing your 3-camera dash cam, you will be able to get the most out of your purchase and know that you are investing in a quality piece of equipment.